Thank you for your purchase. Truth be told, we are proud of this hand printed desk calendar. It is 4.25 inches wide and 5.75 inches tall. It comes with a nifty banner to showcase how you helped defend the press. Doesn't that feel great?

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2014 Calendar Project

Welcome to a collaboration between 12 young, battle-trained designers who formed an alliance and joined forces in honor of defending the art of letterpress and all things hand printed. The battle has begun. Join the warriors. Honor the letterpress.

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January can be dark, but the first snowflakes remind us that a new year is upon us. From afar, they look similar. But upon closer inspection, you realize that each one is unique. Delicate yet strong. Beautiful yet cold. The time you took to inspect the snowflake was worth it, just as our lives are worth a second look. You are rejuvenated—full of hope and new opportunities. The battle begins.

emily webb

Emily is passionate about designing in the Queen City but not so much about writing her own bio. View Work


What better battle to begin with than a battle of love. Omnia Vincet Amor. Love Conquers All. Virgil’s phrase has truly stood the test of time. Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love, and her lover Mars, the God of War, depict the struggle between love and war. Venus has total power over him; he’s completely under her spell. In an instant, war is vanquished by love, proving that love, indeed, conquers all.

shelby white

Shelby's a designer working at Real Art in Dayton, OH. She enjoys the nerdy stuff: video games, comics, sci-fi, etc... Also, cats. View Work


The Viking—a perfect battle image. We’re all familiar with the noble savage Viking stereotype: Norse Helm, Thor’s hammer, and fur. Lots of fur. But the word “Viking” is more than a tough exterior. The Old Norse feminine noun víking refers to an expedition overseas; the term also occurs in medieval writings as the phrase fara í víking (to go on an expedition). Remember this Viking as you forge your way through the year—be tough, be brave and be adventurous.

brian braden

Brian likes drawing, creating, and conquering. View Work


Kill or be killed was the mantra of the Mamluks. Trained in the art of fighting and swordplay, the legendary Mamluks were a part of many Muslim dynasties and played a huge role in the warring rule of the Ottoman Empire. Pair the barbaric warriors with A Hawk and a Hacksaw’s “You’ve Already Gone to the Other Side,” and you have a very dark social commentary on work, The Man and fighting back. Or you just have one kick-ass Mamluk.

pat vincent

Pat is an artist inspired by the senses with a high interest in many genres of music that conjure his ideas. View Work


Once upon a time, honor and valor were the absolute decree by which man lived. Today we celebrate those brave warriors of the Medieval Ages, illustrating the self-sacrifice of that time period and the giant undertaking to defend their families and kingdoms. The warriors’ “May Your Sword Draw Blood and Your Walls Defend” prayer speaks to the mighty who truly fought for what they believed.

eric kemp

Eric is a designer by day, and an aspiring multi-media designer by night. Besides pushing pixels, he enjoys a challenge where “cmd + z” isn't an easy way out. View Work


Samurai armor has to be one of the most iconic and striking styles in history. The Samurai were the military nobility of medieval and early-modern Japan; over time, they became the upper echelon of Japanese warriors. And their armor was more than protection—it was art. After discovering the word “June” in Japanese translates to “month of water”, an image of a Samurai warrior fighting through a thunderstorm was born.

trace palmatier

A designer of web, also known as Tracer by friends and the Dark Knight of Design by no one ever. View Work


A theme runs through the dark history of the vicious Mongol horse warriors: arrows. The Mongols excelled at archery; their most notable military tactic was called the “arrow storm.” Their arrowheads served many purposes. Some were for close range and others for distance; some were crafted to wound, and others to kill. Therefore, an arrow storm firework seemed appropriate for July.

candy niemeyer

Candy craves exceptional design. Though her sense of adventure is strong, you can distract her with beautiful typography or a strong
cup of coffee. View Work


Sometimes battle isn’t about anger and force; sometimes it’s about preservation, keeping traditions and culture alive. August 13th is the anniversary of the fall of the Aztec capital, so August’s Aztec warrior is standing strong and defending his capital city of Tenochtitlan. The design took inspiration from multiple sources including the Aztec calendar, as well as iconic art deco imagery.

anthony wartinger

Anthony likes to design pretty things, loves Back to the Future and absolutely hates pickles. View Work


You may not always see what’s ahead of you and how your life will unfold. Then again, what would be the fun in that? Granted, uncertainty can be nerve wrecking, but you cannot expect a ninja to strike you down wherever you may go. Look for depth, meaning, more in everything you do…and don’t be afraid of the dark.

reka juhasz

A Hungarian born, American trained graphic designer, Reka has a passion for all things paper, letterpress and sushi related. View Work


The Apache warrior is a relentless, fearless and aggressive leader; they give no mercy and never look back. As warriors, they rely on each other and what nature can provide. Appropriately, the relentless unforgiving nature of the warrior and the treachery of Halloween actually work great together. Fun design elements and the creative symbolism of the Apache make October a month to battle to the death.

clare pluckhorn

Clare likes flea markets, odd jesus-y figures and above all—coffee.
View Work


November is the ideal month to grow out a beard. It's also the month that Blackbeard, the most ferocious pirate to terrorize the high seas was killed. Legend claims it took 5 gunshots and 20 cutlass slashes to take down this tank of a man. The last slash cut off his head, killing him instantly, right? Nah. His headless body allegedly swam around the ship a few times before sinking. Jeez.

ethan muller

Ethan Muller is a front-end web developer & designer located in Dayton, OH. He lives for danger. View Work


The year is almost over, the battles have all been fought, some were lost and some were won. Challenges, tempers, ideologies, and our very human existence have been tested. The accomplishments will propel us to do more, challenge ourselves in new ways, the battle is never ending. Passion and final push will get us through the day, or will it?

matt gregg

A reckless skate punk and skilled designer, Matt blurs the traditional lines of what it means to be an artist. View Work